Two Brown Envelopes

Hazem Mulhim

When Hazem Mulhim was starting out in life, his father presented him with two brown envelopes: one bulging with money, the other flat with some dollar bills. Only one—and its contents—would be his. After a brief but memorable discussion, his father made the decision that would influence the rest of Hazem’s life.

Two Brown Envelopes offers a refreshingly candid account of the ups and the downs of building a business in the age of globalization. Hazem started out as a shop owner, opening the first computer store in Jordan in the 1980s. Since then, he has built a global business that provides anti-money-laundering and other technology solutions for almost 10 percent of the world’s banks.

Unlike most business memoirs that only recount achievements, Two Brown Envelopes takes you on a roller-coaster journey—revealing the humbling lows of defeat and the highs of winning—proving that what defines your future is how well you shrug off setbacks and bounce back from failure.

Press & Praise

Charlotte Mason, INSEAD Start-Up Bootcamp Director and Venture Partner at Antler

An inspirational read—especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. Hazem Mulhim shares his experiences with candor and is a fine example of an INSEAD-trained entrepreneur: a global background, fabulous tenacity and a can-do attitude. He has always been willing to share his experiences with INSEAD's students and alumni, and now, with this memoir, he does so with a wider audience.

Dr. Fawaz H. Zu'bi, Founding Partner at Silicon Badia

A compelling and telling account of an entrepreneur's life through the tumultuous times of rapid global change. Coming from humble beginnings, Hazem Mulhim powerfully conveys the interrelationship between will, determination, and resilience. Surely a very valuable resource for those going through the pains of building companies.

Dr. Stephen Mezias, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD

Hazem Mulhim's business sense and active search for entrepreneurial opportunities under the most difficult of circumstances are an inspiration to anyone who plans to start a venture. His agility, persistence and ability to incorporate the lessons of adversity are a first-hand demonstration of how to survive the entrepreneur's journey.

Hazem Mulhim is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and speaker. A Palestinian whose family hails from Halhul in the West Bank, he was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in Jordan, Kuwait and England. He studied medical electronics in Bulgaria and business management at INSEAD. In 1984, after working in Orlando, Florida, he founded a high-street computer store in Jordan modeled on Radio Shack. Since then, he has transformed this business, now called Eastnets, into a global software solutions company. Hazem also runs Rewell, a charity supporting women-run entrepreneurial projects in the Jordan valley. Hazem holds dual Jordanian-Belgian citizenship and divides his time between Dubai, Amman and Brussels.

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