Heart Boss

Regan Walsh

Women are doing it all: running companies, nurturing marriages, raising kids, volunteering on boards, and still making Pinterest-perfect cupcakes for the class party, thank you very much.

But we’re exhausted.

We’re running on hamster wheels and popping Xanax, and in our most private moments, we’re wondering the scariest question of all: “Is this it?”

I’ve been that woman. The harried workaholic. The unhappy wife. The frustrated mom. I was even in a passionate relationship with a woman for two years before marrying my husband. Life is complicated, friends.

The point is, I found my way off the treadmill. This book is me extending my hand to help you off yours.

You are not alone. You are worthy. You are powerful. And you can own your life in such a way that you’ll stop asking “Is this it?” and instead start saying “This is it!”

Heart Boss is the story of how I learned to let my heart be boss. And, hopefully, it’s a story about how you can get there too.

Press & Praise

Amy Jo Martin, investor, Founder/CEO, New York Times bestselling author, and host of the Why Not Now? podcast

"Regan is a renegade leading us back to our original boss--our heart, the ultimate voice of authority. Heart Boss is pure edutainment. It's equally inspiring and aspiring."

Leslie Morgan Steiner, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love, Mommy Wars, and The Naked Truth

"Heart Boss is like reading the diary you never had the guts to write yourself. It's a raw, honest, soulful coming of age, complete with childhood wonder, family hysteria, drunken nights, good sex, falling for the wrong ones, finding the right one, and letting go of everything you should have been to become exactly who you are. Love, love, love." ­­­

Katya Libin and Amri Kibbler, Co-founders of HeyMama

"It's Carrie Bradshaw meets Brené Brown, and we're here for it. Heart Boss is the laugh, the cry, the hug, and the spark we all need right now."

Regan Walsh is an executive coach and life coach who finds joy and fulfillment in helping women worldwide lead lives that sizzle. She has worked with thousands of women from Nike to Wall Street and has been featured by media outlets nationwide, including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Today, Fast Company, and more.

Regan’s own journey has been fraught with self-inflicted stress, unsatisfying busyness, and plenty of needless striving. Thankfully, it has also been a journey of intentional searching and incredible transformation. Regan believes life’s greatest honor is to be exactly who you are, whoever that is. Regan helps women realize that person, be true to her, and find not just happiness, but contentment.

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