The Magic Slice

Jack Murray

You have a great product or service, but people aren’t responding to your marketing—or your message. You’re brimming with enthusiasm, but you don’t know how to spread the word.

You need a story.

Driven by real-life stories and case studies, The Magic Slice is a clarion call for anyone who needs to find their own Magic Slice—that unique place where what you want to say is exactly what your audience wants to hear.

Learn to apply the Six-Step Magic Slice Process. Unlock your creativity and practice it every day. Discover the science behind storytelling that will make you a magnetic communicator. Walk step by step through the process of coming up with a story idea, applying key story elements, and structuring your story to give it impact.

Whether you’re a founder, CEO, or communications manager, The Magic Slice is the missing element that can transform your message into a compelling story.

Press & Praise

Ray Bates, Honorary President of European Lotteries

Jack Murray is a natural storyteller. I can say this with authority as I have personally observed the effect his workshops and presentations have had on lottery managers from every country in Europe over the past ten years. He brings his unique skill—not to mention his extensive experience—to bear on this book, which is full of personal experiences, checklists, practical examples, and exercises—a comprehensive communications cookbook. If you want to be a better storyteller, quite simply, you need to read this book.

Patrick Campbell, CEO and Founder of Profitwell

Stories are the bridge to getting ideas from your mind to the minds of others. If you want to understand how to put stories at the heart of your mission, read this book. Jack blends theory, narrative, and practical know-how to give you the tools you need to tell stories.

Áine Kerr, Co-Founder and COO of Kinzen

Jack is a natural storyteller who shares his insights, expertise, and processes for telling great stories in this practical, actionable, and engaging read. His 'Magic Slice' formula is a must-read for anyone trying to gain the attention of an audience.

Jack Murray is an entrepreneur, story consultant, speaker, and author. As the CEO and founder of both MediaHQ—a media contacts database and press release distribution tool—and the storytelling agency All Good Tales, Jack helps companies define their storytelling strategies, train their staff as storytellers, and share their stories through innovative technology.

A recognized expert, Jack has worked with hundreds of brands, organizations, and teams over a twenty-five-year career. He advises leadership, communications, and marketing teams through story training courses, story strategy workshops, and keynote talks.

Jack lives in Dublin with his wife, Alison; his daughters, Matilda and Gwen; and a dog called Maxi Lopez. Connect with him online at

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