The Suicide Club

Alexandra Wyman

Alexandra Wyman was plunged into grief when her husband died by suicide. The sudden loss of the love of her life left her reeling with unanswered questions.

In The Suicide Club: What to Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death, Alexandra explores her journey of mourning and healing after losing her husband. She makes sense of her grief through three phases—Shock and Awe, Now What?, and Finding the Collateral Beauty—to offer a road back to peace and joy for anyone who has lost someone close to them to suicide.

The aftermath of suicide leaves loved ones in a mess of emotions. The Suicide Club shows a way forward through any anger, blame, or judgment, toward acceptance and peace.

Alexandra Wyman is an advocate and public speaker for resources in the aftermath of suicide. After she lost her husband to suicide in August of 2020, Alexandra found a need to change the rhetoric around suicide. She has spoken at the Colorado School Counselor Association’s annual conference; the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion (OCAMPR) annual conference; and Bridging the Divide Suicide Prevention and Awareness Summit 2022. She has also been a guest on the YouDoWoo podcast. Alexandra practices occupational therapy and lives in Colorado with her son.

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