Rebel Educator

Tanya Sheckley

As a caring, dedicated teacher, parent, or educational professional, are you feeling more and more frustrated by the confines of today’s educational environment?

Rebel Educator takes a tough, honest look at our modern educational system while providing actionable insights and ideas to fill the classroom with imagination and curiosity. Anyone who works with children will feel the possibilities and excitement as they learn how to shift their approach—and the mindset of their students—from traditional memorization to active inquiry, problem-solving, and collaboration through interdisciplinary, project-based learning.

Grounded in neuroscience yet presented without academic jargon, making it inviting and accessible to parents and teachers alike, Rebel Educator makes a strong, compelling argument for a new educational model for our children—one that teaches them to enjoy learning, bolsters their confidence, and prepares them with the teamwork skills that are vital to long-term life success.

Press & Praise

Thom Markham, PhD, Founder of PBL Global

I love the way Tanya grapples with the key issues and challenges facing educators and parents today. Two things make this book valuable: her sincerity and the many examples from her experience as founder and teacher at Up Academy.

Esther Wojcicki, Journalist, Educator, Author, and Founder and CEO Global Moonshots in Education

Rebel Educator shows what it means to be project based and student centered with young learners. In my career leading the Palo Alto High School journalism program, I worked to empower young people to use their voices, own their choices, and harness responsibility. This book uses real classroom examples to show educators how to do that from a young age. Rebel Educator embodies all the elements of TRICK. Use it to create an environment of trust, respect, independence, collaboration, and kindness in any classroom.

Alexia Vernon, creator and author of Step into Your Moxie

Tanya Sheckley asks educators to reimagine modern learning. And in The Rebel Educator, she gives them the paradigm shift and roadmap to do it. Whether she's sharing her own unorthodox journey to education, telling her hilarious and heartbreaking stories from parenting, or providing insight into how her school, Up Academy, creates its inclusive, project-based curriculum, The Rebel Educator equips its readers with the knowledge and tools to differentiate classroom learning and create a culture where all students feel worthy and thrive.

Tanya Sheckley is the Founder and President of UP Academy, a progressive elementary lab school in San Mateo, California. UP Academy is reinventing edu cation by customizing learning for each student, integrating project-based learning throughout its curriculum, and supporting students with disabilities to attend alongside able-bodied students in mixed-age classrooms. Tanya hosts the Rebel Educator podcast, speaks across the country on the future of education, and leads professional development programs for school administrators and educators. Learn more at –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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