Spiraling Up

Steven Medland

Why do some people effortlessly achieve financial success, yet others never do?

You’ve worked hard to become financially successful, but you still feel frustrated. Unfortunately, rising inflation, rampant consumerism, and the growing length of retirement make this scenario all too common. A million dollars just isn’t what it used to be. How can you finally stop worrying and begin enjoying the fruits of your success?

In Spiraling Up, financial planner Steven Medland lays out a deceptively simple plan to confidently grow and protect your wealth. Through clear and compelling real-life stories, he illustrates the proven principles that lead to financial serenity, making work optional, and living happily in retirement.

So, how do you create the virtuous cycle that leads to spiraling up financially? This book gives you the secrets that informed investors use to achieve financial freedom and retire with confidence. They will work for you, too.

Press & Praise

Kent Smetters, PhD, Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the Wharton School, and host of SiriusXM Radio's Your Money program

Steve Medland applies his decades of financial planning experience to lucidly communicate the challenges—and solutions—to achieving financial success

Sarah Johnson, Founder of Stone Arch, LLC, and retired Executive Vice President/Equity Portfolio Manager at PIMCO

Spiraling Up is the playbook that everyone needs to realize financial success and peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. It highlights the critical need for a financial plan and how that plan puts compounding to work building your wealth and ultimately your happiness. It also calls out the important fact that it is never too late to put a plan in action. It is a thought-provoking and inspirational work.

Jason Santamaria, Former President of Stanley Healthcare, and author of The Marine Corps Way: Using Maneuver Warfare to Lead a Winning Organization

Steve Medland has a deep understanding of personal finance and the ability to articulate that knowledge in a way that's easy to follow. He lays out a roadmap you can use to create a self-reinforcing, virtuous cycle with your finances. You'll be glad you read this book.

Steven W. Medland, MBA, CFP(R), is a co-founder of TABR Capital Management, which manages more than $150 million for its clients. He has over twenty years of personal financial planning experience, helping hundreds of clients achieve financial security. A Wharton graduate and recognized expert in personal financial planning, he is a regular guest on SiriusXM Radio’s Your Money show and is often quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Barron’s, and other leading financial publications. Before finding his calling in personal finance, Steve traveled the world as a US Navy submarine officer, and he now volunteers with Homes for Our Troops, which builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans. Connect with Steve at stevemedland.com. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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