A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50

Sue Brightman


n this groundbreaking book, Sue Brightman beckons us into timely and promising news about women over 50: it’s not about aging, it’s about becoming more of who we really are and doing what we’re called to do. Based on 100 interviews with women age 50-70+, Brightman discovers emerging themes of burgeoning creativity, spiritual growth, and a zesty freedom to experiment with new roles, new businesses, and new priorities. Blasting out of the water the old narrative about disengagement and decline, this exciting and spiritually rich stage of life comes alive page by page with women’s stories, pithy quotes, and Brightman’s insightful narrative.

Read this book if you want to:

  • Answer the big “What Now?”
  • Find out what women over 50 are unabashedly “Done With.”
  • Discover what women are creating and leading as they stay vibrantly engaged with life from age 50-70+.
  • Understand the power of solitude, beauty, creativity, and friendships for enhancing women’s empowered becoming.
  • Explore the desires and possibilities for meaningful relationships that women are seeking and fulfilling.
  • Learn practices you can do to boost your own Further Becoming.

A Call to Further Becoming celebrates millions of women who are learning and living all that is possible at this stage.

Sue Brightman is the founder and president of Women on the Journey of Their Lives, LLC, a coaching and women’s workshop and retreat enterprise supporting women over 50 at this emerging stage of life. For 30 years she has worked with organizations, teams, and individuals as a Conscious Business coach and consultant to some of the world’s largest organizations. She now combines business, spiritual practice, and research for this book to help women enact their unique paths of continued contribution, joy, and Further Becoming.

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