Boundless Brothers

Ron Lambrecht and Steve Lambrecht

Fans of Top GunThe Hunt for Red October, and Forrest Gump will love this epic tale of struggle, tenacity, and heroism.

Separated in age by eighteen years, Ron and Steve Lambrecht lived under the same farmhouse roof for only six months—yet both left the Minnesota cornfields of their birth for distinctly different roads of military achievement.

Their joint memoir, Boundless Brothers: Two Warriors from the Heartland, One Mission for the Homeland, offers a fresh spin on a classic American motif of homegrown country boys navigating the wild blue yonder of sky and sea. From sailing the world on one-hundred-thousand-ton aircraft carriers to flying supersonic combat missions, these two brothers share raucous boyhood gambols, vivid sea stories, and pursuits of identity and inspiration spanning decades of selfless military service.

Press & Praise

Brigadier General Gregory A. Fick, USAF, Retired

Two brothers, three uniforms, one bond of service. The Lambrecht brothers give us a compelling look at what it is like to serve during times of peace and war. This book will make you laugh, sit on the edge of your seat, and perhaps even shed a tear. From humble midwestern beginnings, they served as key sentinels in America's defense of freedom. I am grateful that these stories have been captured and are available for everyone to reflect on the core values of commitment and service before self. A must-read!

Lieutenant General William H. Etter, USAF, Retired, Commander, First Air Force

A tremendous yarn of riveting tales from two seasoned combat warriors. These brothers and brothers-in-arms take us on a supersonic journey from the rural Midwest to all corners of the globe, inspiring the reader to turn each page for excitement and knowledge anew. It's difficult to translate to paper what it's really like to be 'up there' in military aviation, but this book does it masterfully!

Lieutenant General Michael D. Dubie, USAF, Retired, Deputy Commander, US Northern Command

A truly creative weaving of stories from childhood austerity to military prominence, riddled with drama, humor, and excitement. A captivating read from start to finish.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Commander (retired) Ron Lambrecht received his commission from Aviation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola, Florida. After twenty-two years as an active-duty naval intelligence officer, he continued service as a federal employee, retiring in 2014 at General Schedule level, GS15. Ron lives with his wife, Anne, in California.

A graduate of Annapolis with a degree in aerospace engineering, TOPGUN pilot Brigadier General (retired) Steve Lambrecht flew one hundred combat missions in Bosnia and Iraq as a US Marine F/A-18 and Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, amassing over 3,473 hours of flight time. Steve lives with his wife, Laura, and their four children in Vermont, where he works as a United Airlines pilot.

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