Assemble the Tribe: Believe in Your Value. Find Belonging. Be Different.

Leah Dean

Who am I and what do I have to give? How do I find my people—my tribe? What are the keys to creating amazing female connections?

Connecting with women can be complicated. Finding a female tribe that supports and appreciates each other for a lifetime? Well, that can feel impossible. But we need a tribe to live our best lives. In fact, research tells us that we live longer, healthier, and happier lives when we connect with other women. We need these relationships, and we want them to last—so where do we start?

Leah Dean is a tribe formation expert with a simple, yet powerful formula for building a tribe that stands the test of time. In Assemble the Tribe, Leah shares this formula and shows you how to shift to a tribe mindset by first discovering the value that you bring to every connection you make. With time-tested research, educated insight, and true stories from Leah’s own tribes, you’ll learn how to find your tribes and thrive while making an impact. This book provides you with the first step toward positive change—for yourself, your tribes, and the generations who will follow in your footsteps.

Leah Dean is a coach, author, speaker, and former chief human resources executive who has worked with leaders throughout the world to build high-performing teams, or tribes, for twenty years. A passionate believer in assembling tribes for greatest impact, Leah is the founder of numerous programs and events designed to help women and girls find their tribes and do great things.

Leah lives in Bermuda with her husband and two children. Join the tribe and learn more about Leah’s work and tribe mindset philosophy at

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