Chase the Light

Cesar Perez

A professional actor with a promising career, Cesar Perez was on a meteoric rise until a drunk driver slammed into his car head-on. He coded on the paramedics more than once on the way to the hospital, and coded again when he arrived. It’s a miracle he even survived. Still, he wouldn’t have called it miraculous at the time.

In one devastating blow, all his dreams had been ripped away.

A severe brain injury had left him almost entirely incapacitated. His right arm was paralyzed. His femur had snapped in two. His face was shattered. He spent months learning how to breathe, eat, walk, and talk all over again. In the midst of it all, his girlfriend left him—the same girlfriend he had been on his way to see that fateful night.

But life, ultimately, is a gift. Fragile, firm, and beautiful. Throughout the course of Cesar’s long, often tortuous recovery, Chase the Light shines with courage, grace, and the resilience of the human spirit—reminding us that every life has meaning and every soul has a purpose, always, even in our darkest moments.

Press & Praise

Sharlenor Whatley, Regional Manager of Victim Services, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Cesar Perez is the epitome of strength. He copes with one of the most traumatic experiences no one should ever have to go through. Hearing him recount the harrowing events in detail makes you wonder how much a man can stand, and yet he survived it all. He is the ultimate example of the statement 'pain into purpose.' I know everyone who reads his story will be changed and inspired to never give up.

Kim Guthrie, CEO/President, Cox Media Group (Retired)

Cesar Perez endured the most traumatic experience, and yet he survived as he fought the long fight to a full recovery. Cesar takes you through the harrowing events in detail, but as he walks you through it, the reader learns how hope, resilience, and unconditional parental love made such a difference in his healing process. After following Cesar along his journey, I am forever changed. I will always be rooting hard for Cesar, and I am personally inspired to never, ever give up.

Cesar Perez is a Salvadoran immigrant who spends every day of his second chance at life striving to be the best possible version of himself. A passionate storyteller, he picked up the pieces of his broken past and bound them together into a new whole, full of love, persistence, faith, and determination. He wrote Chase the Light with a newfound yearning to guide others through the darkness.

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