Your Afternoon Mentor

Kevin Salcido

If you were an early to mid-career professional and had the chance to spend time with a respected senior leader, what would you want to ask them about the executive life?

You’d probably want to know how they got noticed for their first senior position, how they transitioned from a tactical to a strategic mindset, and how they kept advancing their career up the corporate ladder.

You’d also want to know how to manage the way others perceive you and how to emulate the behaviors, skills, and attitudes of leadership that led to a successful, enjoyable career.

Finally, you’d want their advice to be clear and actionable, free of platitudes, geeky HR speak, and confusing diagrams. And you’d love to hear a few stories and observations about what worked—and what didn’t—along the way.

In a brief and lively read, Your Afternoon Mentor offers all this and more.

Kevin Salcido serves as the Vice President and Chief HR Officer in the Office of Human Resources at Arizona State University. A leader for over thirty years, Kevin navigated his rising career across many notable organizations and brands, including the Pepsi-Cola Company, Central Newspapers Inc. (which operates seven daily newspapers including The Arizona Republic and The Indianapolis Star), and Arizona Public Service.Kevin specializes in employee and labor relations, organizational development, performance-based cultures, inclusive work environments, and leadership coaching. In his personal life, he enjoys community activism, hiking, travel, flying gliders, and spending time with his wife, Antonia, and daughters, Adriana and Alana, both ASU grads. Visit –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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