Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded

Fabrice Testa

All across the planet, entrepreneurs and innovators are actively working to solve humanity’s toughest problems. If you are an inventor, trailblazer, or game-changer who dreams of making the world a better place through crazy ideas with extraordinary results, this book is for you.

Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded will show you step by step how to make that dream a reality, from tackling an insurmountable problem to creating the kind of breakthrough business that can fix it.

Learn about the Age of Exponential Acceleration, in which super-entrepreneurs have become motivated to act boldly in solving the world’s biggest problems. Discover the five secrets of the top super-achievers who are changing the way we travel, eat, work, and simply go about our daily lives.

By applying the unique method presented in Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded, you will be able to materialize your dreams, build your own future, and achieve anything you want in life.

Press & Praise

Candace Johnson, Founder/Co-Founder of SES, Loral Teleport Europe, Europe Online, Global Telecom Women's Network, OWNSAT-Oceania Women's Network Satellite and critical player in bringing about Iridium and ILS

This is truly a must-read for all those who believe that entrepreneurship is key to the sustainability of humanity, our planet, and our universe.

Dr Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, futurist, innovator, and global ambassador, Top 100 Finance Leaders Award 2020 and Top 100 Healthcare Leaders IFAH 2020

Testa's book is a must-read for entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers to materialize their dreams and develop outstanding business.

Roger Collantes, Founder and CEO of the Asian Institute of Digital Transformation; Co-Founder and CEO of the School of Agility, Grit and Entrepreneurship; bestselling author

Fabrice Testa's groundbreaking book is an important how-to guide for every entrepreneur and innovator who wants to create a meaningful impact on society by solving the world's biggest problems.

Fabrice Testa is an exponential thinker, innovator, serial tech entrepreneur, business angel investor, trusted advisor, public speaker, author, and highly sought-after mentor. He has successfully founded, co-founded, or participated in the launch of multiple companies that created hundreds of jobs and generated multimillions in revenue.

He is the creator of the Superpreneur Blueprint framework and has developed a set of cutting-edge strategies and tactics that enable super-entrepreneurs to materialize crazy ideas, build breakthrough ventures, and solve the world’s biggest problems. After helping more than 100 companies excel in their fields, Testa is making this proven methodology publicly available in Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded to help super-entrepreneurs everywhere transform our lives—and the planet.

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