Carry Your Own Backpack

Holly Schneider

A new, healthier life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with an emotional commitment to becoming your best self.

That’s right. A new, healthier life is your choice.

Vanessa Bogenholm has watched clients make that choice with astounding results. She has seen people lose more than one hundred pounds—and keep that weight off. She has seen middle-aged men stop needing medications they expected to take for the rest of their lives. She has even seen people in wheelchairs get up and walk again.

These results aren’t miraculous. It’s Your Body shows you step by step how to slow down and understand how the body works so you, too, can get the results you want.

Filled with inspirational stories of real people who made tremendous transformations, from thirteen-year-old kids to CEOs, It’s Your Body proves that anyone can have the body they want and deserve. Don’t wait another minute. Pick up this book and take your own first step today.

Vanessa Bogenholm lives and works her truth every day, both in her own life and with each and every client. Some days she would still rather be the unmotivated, overweight ten-year-old sitting on the couch eating candy, but she can’t be. She can’t because she wants better for herself and because she wants to show her clients—and you—that with a little belief and a shift in attitude, you don’t have to be stuck in a body that makes you uncomfortable.

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