Win the Retirement Game

Joe Casey

Many people discover that their money is better prepared for retirement than they are. Why? Because it’s easy to think of retirement planning as solely a financial matter. Financial planning is a left-brain process. It’s quantitative, linear, and logical.

But deciding how to invest your time takes a different mindset. It’s a right-brain process. It’s qualitative, non-linear, and intuitive. It takes imagination.

Today, retirement can last decades. It’s a period of renewal, reinvention, and personal growth—and it requires a whole new approach to retirement planning.

Win the Retirement Game guides you through nine obstacles people face when they retire. From Boredom and Uncertainty to the disorientation of Drifting, you’ll learn how to face each one with the right set of tools and craft a specific strategy to overcome it.

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Press & Praise

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author and recognized by Thinkers50, Fast Company, INC Magazine, and Global Gurus as the World's Leading Executive Coach

You'll need to bring much more to retirement than your 401(k). Don't leave work without reading this book.

Helen Dennis, columnist ("Successful Aging") for the Southern California Newspaper Group and co-author of Project Renewment: The First Retirement Model for Career Women

To retire and age successfully you have to rethink and reimagine what it means in today's complex world. Joe Casey's professional background, his education in gerontology, and his own experience creating a second-act career give him a valuable perspective on retirement worth listening to. This is a must-read.

Fritz Gilbert, author of The Keys to a Successful Retirement: Staying Happy, Active, and Productive in Your Retired Years

I've studied retirement for years and there are only a few folks who truly 'get it.' Joe Casey is one of the best of those few. Win the Retirement Game is a true gem in the world of retirement books. By creatively telling the story of 'Pete, ' you'll learn from Joe's years of experience coaching folks on overcoming the challenges many retirees face. Most expect their challenges will be financial in nature, but Joe knows better. The real challenges lie in the 'soft' side of retirement, and this book is not only an excellent overview of the types of issues you'll likely face but, more importantly, it offers sound advice on how to overcome them and live the retirement of your dreams. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Joe Casey is an executive coach who also helps people design their next life after their primary career. He created his own next chapter after a twenty-six-year career at Merrill Lynch, where he was Senior Vice President and Head of HR for Global Markets and Investment Banking. Today, in addition to his work with clients, Joe hosts The Retirement Wisdom Podcast, ranked in the top 1.5 percent globally in popularity by Listen Notes. Business Insider has recognized him as one of twenty-three innovative coaches who are making a difference. Learn more at

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