Three Days Strong AF

Bailey Dawn

Want to fit high-power bodybuilding into a high-performance life? Three Days Strong AF shows you how to be built and lean without compromising your time or values.

Designed for executives and other high achievers, the program focuses on the most effective ways to eat and train without letting either one take over your life. Balance your nutrition without counting calories, and condense your weight training into only three hours a week for maximum results in minimal time.

With Three Days Strong AF, you’ll walk into the gym with a confident plan, knowing you’ll have more time in your life to focus on what matters while increasing your overall energy, joy, and the quality of your relationships.

Don’t compromise your family, personal life, career, dreams, or goals. Instead, get and keep the body you want by expanding your high-performance mindset into every area of your life, with a healthy, balanced mental state and a training program that gets results.

Bailey Dawn is a world-renowned therapist and award-winning bodybuilder who has worked with high performers for twenty years, including professional athletes, celebrities, executives, and physicians. A business owner, dreamer, and doer, Bailey is “one of the guys,” loves a good scotch and cigar, loves God, and is based in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and little girl.

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