Breakout Valuation

Patrick Donohue

WARNING: Investors and lenders do not want you to read this book!

With trillions of dollars at stake, those who own and control investment capital profit handsomely by severely undervaluing privately held businesses.

Lenders lure you with teaser rates. Investment partnerships dazzle you with fancy marketing materials. These are the tools of their trade, helping them earn excess returns on your hard work.

Breakout Valuation provides entrepreneurs with the insider knowledge they need to build what matters—a valuable business.

Written by an author who shares your entrepreneurial journey and has spent three decades investing, analyzing, and advising billions of dollars of transactions, Breakout Valuation tells you everything you need to know to finance your future today.

You can finance growth and stick to your moral compass while avoiding the tricks of the hucksters who want to take outsized returns on your hard work and innovation. You hold in your hands the knowledge to achieve a Breakout Valuation!

Press & Praise

Christopher Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Kipsu

This book provides the insights that entrepreneurs need to increase their odds that their journey will surpass their dreams.

Mercedes Austin, Founder and CEO of Mercury Mosaics

This book was created to uplift meaningful entrepreneurs. With an edge on identifying what it takes to impact a community inside and outside of the business, the tools in this book empower folks with the knowledge to embark on true value creation—the foundation to forge legacy work.

Aaron Street, Co-Founder of Lawyerist

Patrick Donohue has one of the world's great minds for financial strategy, and this book will serve as a tremendous asset for any entrepreneur intimidated by financial forecasting or looking to use their financial modeling to increase the value of their business.

Patrick E. Donohue is an entrepreneur and valuation expert who got his start with a lemonade stand at age four and buying shares of Coca-Cola at age ten. As an investor, stock analyst, and advisor to numerous entrepreneurial ventures, he offers unique insights into the dynamics of money and business.
The founder of Hill Capital Corporation, a private investment fund that finances and supports emerging growth companies, Patrick holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, has served on the boards of Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Minnesota and the CFA Society of Minnesota, and founded 1 Million Cups Eden Prairie. Connect with him at

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