Sex, Drugs, & Soul

Kristin Birdwell

Unhealed wounds, a thirst for unavailable men, and years of seeking salvation in temporary homes found twenty-one-year-old Kristin on the doorstep of a decades-older sugar daddy. She thought her life was finally about to begin.

But dating Bradley was not the fairytale she expected.

When Kristin’s dangerous binge of sex, substances, and scandal landed her in a detective’s office, she didn’t suspect that the toughest questions would be the honest ones she had to start asking herself.

Sex, Drugs & Soul is the true story of one woman’s healing quest to discover grace within the shadow side of her psyche and behaviors. Forced to come face-to-face with her tendencies toward people-pleasing and self-abandonment amidst grief and abuse, Kristin finally realized what she had truly been missing—herself.

Kristin Birdwell is no stranger to pain and chaos. After experiencing the death of her father, psychological and sexual abuse, and the loss of loved ones to prison, suicide, and addiction, she coped by seeking love, worthiness, and acceptance in all the wrong places.

Fortunately, these life experiences served as the catalyst for her spiritual journey into yoga, meditation, channeled light healing, and coaching.

Over the years, Kristin worked to integrate her light and shadow, and has blended her learnings, experiences, and certifications into creative modalities to nurture and empower one’s fullest, most authentic expression.

When she’s not working on her own creative projects, she’s writing books for others, leading writing workshops, guiding people through their book writing process…or on her latest adventure.
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