A Weekend or the World

Andre Watson

In his late twenties, Andre Watson left everything behind and traveled the world for seven months. When he finally came home, his friends and coworkers had a million questions. How did he save up so much money? How did he decide where to go? How did he stay safe, especially when he couldn’t speak the language?

So he decided to write a book.

A Weekend or the World answers all the most common questions about traveling—and many that aren’t so common—from how to pay for a yearlong trip to how to use a squat toilet. Whether you want to stay in luxury resorts, backpack across Europe, or work in a foreign country for a year, you’ll find all the skills you need in this comprehensive guide.

If your heart yearns to travel but you haven’t been sure where to begin, start right here, with A Weekend or the World.

Press & Praise

Julian Luca, Founder and CEO of TRAVA Travel

Can't help but feel if I read this book before I started travelling that I would have saved a sh*tload of cash and time. Stress and sleep too!!! Especially if you're new to travel, just read the book... It's filled with a whole heap of helpful information and resources, it will just make all your future travel soo much easier and better.

Tiffany Widdowson, Team Leader at Flight Centre Australia and Avid Traveller/Adventurer

An absolute must read for not only new adventurers but for those of us avid travellers as well. A fabulous insight to the not so often asked questions or thoughts.

Lauren Farmer, Polar Expedition Guide and Travel Photographer

Andre's book reads like one long, entertaining conversation with a good friend...even seasoned travelers have something to learn from this book.

Andre Watson graduated from university with student loans and no money in the bank, but he still managed to save enough money to travel around the globe just a few years later. Today, he has traveled to roughly sixty countries across all seven continents and spent more than two full years’ worth of time on the move.

When he’s not traveling, Andre is a video game programmer and physicist who often finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time—where all the best stories happen. Having dabbled in all kinds of travel, he wrote A Weekend or the World to share his knowledge and experience with others. Learn more at andrewatson.com.

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