CTO Excellence in 100 Days

Etienne de Bruin

As chief innovator and problem solver, the CTO’s value far exceeds technology skills. The CTO must lead as a highly visible, first-class citizen of the C-suite. Still, many technology experts operate in a reactive, support-oriented style, struggling to command respect or assert influence—let alone executive presence.

Whether setting the tone as a new hire or looking to redirect or revitalize an established role, one hundred days are all you need to secure long-term success. In CTO Excellence in 100 Days: Becoming the Leader Your Company DeservesEtienne de Bruin offers actionable guidelines on how to lead both your company’s technology strategy and the people behind it.

The work begins with assessing whether you’re in the right place. Next, Etienne’s methodical approach helps you build trust and visibility through effective communications and a strategic quick win, introduce your company’s technology vision, and navigate challenges—from engaging stakeholders to managing conflict—all within that vital one-hundred-day period.

Etienne de Bruin began his career as a software developer in his native South Africa before moving to Germany, where he joined a startup building innovative products in the data encryption space, then to San Diego, where he managed the supply chain and business intelligence of a biotech startup.

From 2005 to 2015, Etienne co-founded a company, where he served as CTO, navigating SaaS product development in a rapidly scaling environment and establishing himself as a highly effective C-level executive. After serving many organizations as advisory board member or CTO, Etienne founded 7CTOs, a peer group and coaching organization supporting CTOs, technical founders, and other executive leaders.

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