Let It Go!

Emily Morgan

As an entrepreneurial leader, you know you need to delegate. In fact, it’s the key to growth. But effective delegation isn’t as simple as handing off tasks. Unless you approach it thoughtfully and systematically, your plate will quickly fill back up.

Let It Go! is a fresh look at delegation that gets to the heart of why we struggle with it. You’ll learn step by step how to shift your mindset and implement proven techniques to create space for more of what you love. Then, you’ll discover how to scale delegation across your organization, giving your team the permission, autonomy, and tools they need to better leverage their time. By making this simple shift, you’ll attract and retain great talent while creating limitless potential for business growth.

Embrace a delegation system that supports you and your team in doing their best work and maximizing everyone’s contributions. Full of concepts, tools, and real-world examples, Let It Go! will help you master and then cascade a powerful delegation mindset throughout your organization.

Emily Morgan helps leaders and their teams create the freedom to do more of what they love and increase their impact. She is the founder of Delegate Solutions and creator of the Delegate Freedom System, which has helped thousands of busy entrepreneurs master delegation and finally reclaim their time. Her delegation company continues to be one of the fastest-growing companies in Philadelphia.

Emily speaks nationally on the topics of delegation, remote workforces, and entrepreneurship and has been featured in CNBC, Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, The New York Times, and NBC News. Connect with her at delegatesolutions.com

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