Practical Sustainability

Jeff Kavanaugh and Corey Glickman

The race to carbon neutrality is top of mind for C-suite and frontline employees alike, yet we struggle to convert lofty goals into tangible results. Buildings and commerce are vital to this green future, but environmental challenges and market pressures block the path to sustainability.

Finally, a practical approach to sustainability has emerged, blending the physical and the digital, the human and the machine. From tech titans to niche unicorns, Practical Sustainability showcases the best of the digital stars and the roles required to mine this twenty-first-century gold rush, with over $8 trillion of existing commercial real estate that must become more intelligent and sustainable as quickly as possible.

Practical Sustainability is required reading for anyone involved with sustainability, intelligent buildings, and supply chains, illustrating how technology combined with physical environments is elevating human potential while ushering in a greener, more prosperous future.

Press & Praise

Dr. Mariana Bozesan, Europe's Leading Female Investor 2019 and author of Integral Investing: From Profit to Prosperity

As governments have launched their new green deals to implement the Paris Accord and the UN Agenda 2030, Glickman and Kavanaugh have provided a timely, much-needed, and actionable guide on how to make it happen. In Practical Sustainability, a well-researched and science-based handbook, they show in detail how to achieve environmental targets and carbon neutrality through circular commerce and exponential technologies across industries and smart cities. I highly recommend Practical Sustainability to everybody who seeks an integrally sustainable, fast road out of current existential crises and who wants to ensure the future of civilization on our beautiful blue planet.

R "Ray" Wang, CEO of Constellation Research and two-time bestselling author of Disrupting Digital Business and Everybody Wants To Rule The World

We are at the dawn of the ESG revolution. Corey Glickman and Jeff Kavanaugh have done the hard job of simplifying a very complex topic and giving enterprise leaders an actionable playbook for a practical sustainability model. For every stakeholder looking at ESG, this is the strategy and playbook you've been looking for.

Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO of RXR Realty

There is an urgency to provide next-generation workplaces that are safer, healthier, more collaborative, and more productive. In their book Practical Sustainability, Glickman and Kavanaugh present how to deliver resiliency.

Jeff Kavanaugh is Vice President and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute, the research and thought leadership arm of Infosys, a leading tech and consulting company. Jeff is an adjunct professor at the Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas and author of the books The Live Enterprise and Consulting Essentials. Jeff has been published in Harvard Business Review and other leading business publications.

Corey Glickman is Vice President at Infosys and leads their sustainability and design business, delivering smart space initiatives for clients globally. Corey is a member of both the World Economic Forum Pioneer Cities group and the MIT Technology Review Board and is a faculty expert at Singularity University. The American Institute of Graphic Arts named Corey one of the one hundred most influential designers of the decade.

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