Scott’s Choice

Elaine Brewster

What if God gave you a choice?

What if He said, “I can heal your soul. When we are done, you will stand before me, open and loving, clean and perfect, ready to claim your place in the Kingdom of Heaven. But getting there will be the hardest thing I have ever asked of you.”

Would you do it?

Scott Brewster didn’t ask for cancer—at least, not in any way he understood. A doctor of chemical engineering, he lived in a world of numbers and hard data. A world in which cancer is something that “just happens.”

But when science failed him, his search for holistic answers would challenge his world view on every level, healing far more than he ever could have imagined.

As Elaine Brewster watched her husband’s incredible transformation, she realized that all miracles begin with a choice—the decision to let go of illness, anger, fear, resentment, sorrow, and despair.

Are you ready?

Elaine Brewster walked by her husband’s side every step of the way throughout his long road to spiritual healing. Several times, she witnessed him come out of a deep sleep, his eyes flying wide as he exclaimed, “I think I signed up for this!”

As someone who has long been open to universal energies, Elaine knew from the beginning that Scott would make a choice, and that, once made, that choice would be irrevocable. From his choice to heal, to his ultimate decision to let go, Scott’s Choice: Letting Go, Letting God is her loving chronicle of their journey together.

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