Becoming Ovary Jones: How to Fight Cancer Without Losing Your Mind

Melanie Holscher

What happens when a leadership coach ends up fighting for her life?

When business performance coach Melanie Holscher learned she had stage 4 ovarian cancer, it sounded more like a sentence than a diagnosis. And fighting the disease demanded more than she thought she could give.

Waiting for doctors. Waiting for test results. Waiting to see how her body would respond to treatment. The uncertainty was terrifying, and her mind slipped into unfamiliar darkness.

But Holscher was determined to fight back. Tapping into the same coaching techniques that helped thousands of business professionals, she ratcheted up her mental game and prepared herself to overcome the greatest challenge she had ever faced.

The result is Becoming Ovary Jones—a guidebook for developing your mental strength throughout your cancer battle and a message of hope: that mindset truly impacts outcomes.

Designed to strengthen your inner warrior, Becoming Ovary Jones offers twenty-five life-prolonging lessons to challenge and expand your thoughts, along with concrete “Actionable Hopes”—actions every cancer fighter can take to bolster their courage and reclaim their healing mentality.

Press & Praise

Gregory S. Willis, DO

"Mindset impacts outcomes."

Dr. Sarah Miller, Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute

"I often tell my patients, 'If you keep your face toward the sun, you will not see the shadows.' Becoming Ovary Jones is written by a badass survivor who lives this principle every day. I encourage every patient to read this book and soak up Melanie's resilience and positivity along the way."

Donna, Survivor and Ovary Jones Fan

"I honestly didn't think I had the will to fight. The story of Ovary Jones inspired me to keep going. With tears in my eyes and gratitude in my heart, THANK YOU! I still get to fight!"

Melanie Holscher continues to defy the odds and live fearlessly–she makes it her personal mission to help the society of warriors she affectionately calls “Ovary Jones.”

Today, she’s the founder of Together We Box, a monthly subscription box sent to cancer fighters throughout their journey. Packed with encouragement, love, and hope, Together We Box is creating a revolution in cancer treatment, strengthening the mindset of every fighter until we finally find a cure.

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