The Joy Manifesto

Tomer Yogev and Jax Black

Which version of leadership speaks to you more? The one you were taught you had to fit into? Or one that’s centered on who you really are, guided by the wisdom of your own heart?

If you’re ready to detach from the toxicity of the corporate mindset, The Joy Manifesto is your guide, your motivation, your workbook, and your accountability partner, inviting you back into your heart to name, honor, and center your unique brand of leadership.

This transformative work by renowned joy coaches Dr. Jax Black and Tomer Yogev proves that self-love is the truest compass for navigating our constantly changing world—while delivering bottom-line results for you and your organization.

Through empowerment, not management, you’ll free yourself and your team to drive continuous innovation, generate the kind of success that inspires long-term evolution, and experience the joy of showing up authentically as your heart smiles back at you for leading well.

Dr. Jax Black and Tomer Yogev are the co-creators of The Big Joy Theory, the leading coaching model and center for joy-centered leadership development. By leveraging joy as a productive source of empowerment, leaders can experience a lifetime of productive impact on their families, organizations, and communities.

Jax and Tomer have worked with thousands of leaders, teams, and organizations, sparking dramatic transformations in team engagement, productivity, and innovation by tapping into the bottom-line wisdom we all bring to work. With The Joy Manifesto, they’ve distilled their success into a simple guidebook any leader can use to detach from the corporate mindset, access their heart, and lead with wisdom.

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