Michele Smith

Imagine believing from a young age that you would die at thirty-eight. How would you live your life differently?

This belief drove Michele Smith to live her life in fast-forward. In her memoir, 38, the former model, actress, and host of American Thunder shares the adventures that arose from her certainty that her time on this earth was short. Follow her from her small hometown in Pennsylvania across countries, cultures, and careers as she uses candor and humor to discuss her true love in life: travel.

Michele never bothered to write a bucket list—she lived it instead. Now she’s recording those memories and inviting you to live your bucket list too. After all, life is meant to be lived.

Press & Praise

Michael W. O'Neill, Esq., general counsel

As an avid traveling motorcyclist, my video recorder was set to record American Thunder to watch the show's host, Michele Smith, travel and report from the motorcycle rallies of Sturgis and Daytona. Michele is a savvy entrepreneur and passionate traveler. I call her my 'Gypsy MC friend' because of her constant travel to exotic places. I will live vicariously through Michele's adventures abroad.

Lori Eisenberg, property developer

I love traveling with this girl. She keeps everyone regaled with fun and crazy stories. Michele even made me forget that we were actually hiking for miles a day on the Camino. We managed to have a magical and spiritual trip and I attribute that mostly to her. A fascinating and fun read from my longtime friend.

William Squire, Owner, Billy's Blues Cosmetics and Your Signature Style events

Michele Smith is a dear friend whom I have known forever through our work in the entertainment industry. I thought I knew everything about Michele, but after reading her memoir, boy was I wrong! She has always lived life to its fullest and now I understand why. I love her even more after reading about her life's adventures and wisdom in this inspiring and a bit shocking tell-all book!

Michele Smith is the former host of American Thunder, a motorcycle TV show that ran on the Speed channel for many years. She is also the designer of Jeweled G’s, her patented G-string, which she sold at exclusive boutiques in the US and Europe as well as in Victoria’s Secret stores. Michele is an untamed spirit and passionate, lifelong traveler. She loves seeking new adventures and meeting people from all walks of life, believing no one can teach you in a classroom what you can learn from the experience of travel. With travel comes stories and she has many to tell! Michele is based in South Florida.

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