Hope Lives between Us

John Kirksey

A better world starts with a better you.

No individual can be whole until we realize we are neither dependent on nor independent of others but all interdependent with one another. Hope Lives between Us guides you through becoming better and creating a better world through exploration of your interconnectedness with the world around you.

In Hope Lives between Us, John Kirksey facilitates your journey to the best version of yourself. Follow the Socratic method of continual, probing questions through the chapters within to uncover the foundational beliefs that shape your views and opinions of yourself, others, and the world we share.

Learn how seeing yourself through the lens of interdependence can better equip you to solve problems of every level, from individual to the global community in which you live.

John Kirksey spent forty years as a corporate executive responsible for human capital and corporate culture. His expansive career has spanned multiple industries, allowing him to travel the world while observing, incorporating, and embracing the ways of other people and cultures. His experiences have solidified his unwavering belief that there are universal truths that can guide us to a more perfect world.

John is a fellow of the Foreign Policy Association and has an MA in cultural studies. He has served on the board of directors of NYU Polytechnic University and Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations school advisory board. He has also lectured at the Wharton Business School on change leadership in organizations.

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