The Predictable Profits Playbook

Charles Gaudet

Why does one entrepreneur struggle through eighty hours a week just to make half as much as another working twenty? You’ve always been told the secret to success is working hard and clawing your way to the top. But what if it isn’t?

Nearly every great organization, whether Apple, Nordstrom, Zappos, FedEx, or Disney, follows a stunningly similar formula, defying the standard principles of entrepreneurship. Think your small business can’t compete? Think again. Recent advances in media and technology have leveled the playing field, letting you leverage that big-business playbook even with a small-business budget.

Full of valuable insights from Jay Abraham, Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Denny Hatch, Dan Kennedy, Marshall Thurber, and many others, The Predictable Profits Playbook shows you how to optimize your existing marketing dollars without gimmicks, schemes, or stunts, to claim the full measure of success you deserve.

Press & Praise

Dan Schawbel, author of Promote Yourself

If you're an aggressive entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to dominate your market and build a rock-sold business—if you want to be capable of thriving in any economic situation, this is the book you've been waiting for!

Scott Gerber, author of Super Connector

Timely, thought provoking, and penetrating—every serious entrepreneur should own a copy of The Predictable Profits Playbook.

Denny Hatch, former editor, publisher, and President of Target Marketing Magazine

Thirty years ago, I started a niche business and sold it. It is still generating revenue today. If I had Charles Gaudet as my guide back then, I would be very rich today. Don't miss this.

Charles Gaudet became an entrepreneur at the age of four, creating his first multimillion-dollar business before he turned twenty-five. His strategies have been featured in the likes of Inc., Forbes, Salesforce, Success, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, and more, generating millions for entrepreneurs around the globe.

The host of the Beyond 7 Figures podcast, CEO of Predictable Profits, and one of The American Genius‘s Top 50 Industry Influencers, Gaudet has been named one of Grit Daily‘s top business and finance professionals to follow, and Yahoo! Finance calls him The CEO Whisperer. He lives in New Hampshire with his beautiful wife, three adorable kid-preneurs, and one badass dog.

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