No Ordinary People

Linda Haley

Discover your best traits

and find extraordinary success

What are your unique gifts and strengths? What makes a good leader? The answers to these questions are exactly the same.

No Ordinary People provides a funny, straightforward look at twenty-three “ordinary” people across three decades who got the job done right, each in their own way. Spanning careers in business, military, and law enforcement, these extraordinary leaders prove that you don’t need any special training to bring out the best in people. And that you don’t need to do things in any way but your own.

Through one success story after another, each one vastly different from the next, you’ll walk away from No Ordinary People with a new plan to make the most of your team’s unique gifts, and with a new role model for the very best person to lead them—YOU.

Press & Praise

Chief of Police Greg Minton, Leander, Texas

I always knew Linda had a heart for people and had no problem stopping 'nonsense' in its tracks.

Assistant Chief of Police Jeffrey Hayes, Leander, Texas

Not only is Linda tops at her job, but she is positive, supportive, and engaged.

Lieutenant Michel Mohler, Leander, Texas

I appreciate all of the hard work, effort, and dedication Linda has shown this department.

Linda Haley is a veteran of the US Navy who entered the corporate world, won a President’s Award for sales, moved into finance, and led her own company for seven years without any turnover in her staff.When the finance industry failed in 2009, she reinvented herself yet again, transitioning into a career in law enforcement and running the front desk at two police departments. From there, she became a 911 dispatcher and finally semi-retired as the records supervisor in 2019 after winning the Chief’s Award of Excellence for her unique ability to shut down nonsense.What’s your unique ability? Learn more about spotting gifts at –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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