The Pocket Guide to Product Launches

Mary Sheehan

Need to take a product launch from zero to sixty in no time flat? Written by one of the industry’s leading product marketers—for product marketers, The Pocket Guide to Product Launches sets you up for success whether this is your first launch or you’re a seasoned pro.

Say goodbye to hypotheticals and droning textbooks. This quick guide to product-launch execution is chock-full of examples from the field, tactical steps, and real-world templates you can download and use for yourself to launch any product with ease and confidence.

Learn how to conceptualize your launch from A to Z: from asking the right questions to measuring results and driving adoption post-launch. Discover proven strategies to gather a great team, overcome setbacks, get the buy-in you need at every level, and hit your launch date with resounding success.

No matter what stage you’re in today, for any company large or small, open The Pocket Guide to Product Launches for helpful tips you can apply immediately.

Mary Sheehan is a three-time head of product marketing and the host of the Women in Product Marketing podcast. With a background in product marketing leadership that includes Adobe, Google, and more, Sheehan is an industry-leading expert in launching new products, positioning them for growth, and creating go-to-market strategies that span organizations.

An alumna of UC Santa Barbara, Sheehan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Patrick, and children. Connect with her online at Productlaunch.Pro.

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