Health Starts Now

David M. Player MD

The disconnected nature of the current healthcare system parallels the disconnected nature of our personal health. Today’s patients rarely receive holistic treatment for their health and wellness, even from their primary care provider.

Medical care providers have failed at the systemic level to address the root causes of disease. This has led to the development of more complex diseases—and a greater need for more specialists—than ever before.

Health Starts Now is a must-read for people experiencing the pains of a chronic illness, especially those with disease of unknown cause. With insights about disease origins and holistic health gathered from Dr. David M. Player’s five decades as a physician, Health Starts Now discusses the failings of the current healthcare system and teaches you how to keep your health from slipping through the cracks. Learn how your immune system works, what is and isn’t working with your providers’ current treatment styles, and what you can do to improve your well-being.

Press & Praise

Joe Gorder, Chairman and CEO, Valero Energy Corporation

For over thirty years, I have been the beneficiary of Dr. Player's medical care and spiritual wisdom as my physician, dear friend, and healthcare provider to my ten thousand teammates. This book is his gift to all—clearly articulating his philosophy and demystifying the process for leading a healthier, fuller life. Reading it will be a blessing and will serve as a reference for years to come.

Mike Sharrow, CEO, C12 Business Forums

For decades, Dr. Player has been liberating people with education and medical insights by asking better questions and passionately pursuing genuine well-being. In a society that has accepted sick-care for healthcare, symptom suppression instead of robust living, this book is part of his ministry of medicine, his mission to help more of us experience greater freedom and vitality!

Sheryl Sculley, San Antonio City Manager 2005-2019

Dr. David Player has cared for me and my family for nearly two decades. Health Starts Now describes his holistic approach to wellness, healthy longevity and the needed changes in our healthcare system. We need more doctors like Dr. David Player.

Dr. David M. Player is a nephrologist based in San Antonio, Texas, with over five decades of experience as a physician. He is the founder of Health by Design, an organization committed to advancing the fight against chronic disease and helping people live healthier lives through a blend of personalized care, physician knowledge, and faith-fueled passion. In the fifty years he’s spent working with patients suffering from kidney disease and other chronic illness, Dr. Player has dedicated himself to discovering and addressing the root cause of disease and to helping patients decrease the likelihood of becoming chronically ill.

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