The Art of Settlement: A Lawyer’s Guide to Regulatory Compliance when Resolving Catastrophic Claims

Jason Lazarus

The regulatory landscape of the personal injury lawyer has become exceedingly complicated. Assisting clients with catastrophic disabilities now exposes you personally to government recovery actions, damages, and malpractice risks. It’s vital that your personal injury practice has a comprehensive plan for compliance when resolving cases if you want to protect yourself—and protect your clients.

In The Art of SettlementJason Lazarus helps you navigate the complexities at settlement for catastrophic claims and provides you with the best course of action for each potential issue. As a nationally recognized settlement compliance expert, Jason shows you how to address important ethical issues, navigate settlement planning concerns, preserve government benefits, and employ lien reduction strategies. You’ll gain insightful, essential perspective on how to deal with Medicare compliance, fight ERISA liens, and leverage qualified settlement funds.

In today’s complex and nuanced environment, every PI lawyer can benefit from the principles laid out in this book. This is a trial lawyer’s ultimate resource for the world of regulatory compliance with catastrophic claims—a guidebook you’ll consult again and again.

Jason Lazarus is the founder and CEO of Synergy Settlement Services and the managing partner and founder of the Special Needs Law Firm, a boutique firm focused on special needs settlement planning and lien litigation.

Jason received his BA from the University of Central Florida and his JD, with honors, from Florida State University. He also earned his LLM in elder law with distinction from Stetson University College of Law. As a Medicare Set-Aside Consultant (MSCC), Jason is certified by the International Commission on Health Care Certification.

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