Over Coffee with the Mouse

Mark Rucker

Early in his career, Mark Rucker’s father suggested a life practice: create a file of things that are important to you and add to that file as you learn.

So, Mark created a “Leadership” file. Whenever he learned a valuable lesson in leadership, he added it to the file. He did this throughout his entire thirty-two-year career with Disney and beyond.

Many of these lessons came in the form of advice, which he would request from friends and colleagues over coffee, helping him solve his greatest leadership challenges at work as well as the day-to-day personal challenges of life and marriage.

Over Coffee with the Mouse is the culmination of an entire lifetime of leadership advice from a grateful man who rose to global leadership within the Disney organization.

Whether you’re an executive struggling with hard choices or an aspiring leader looking to hone your skills and avoid mistakes, you won’t want to miss this book.

Mark Rucker spent a fulfilling and successful thirty-two-year career working globally in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and regionally at the Walt Disney World Company. He moved rapidly through fifteen different roles of increasing responsibility, becoming global Vice President of Experience Planning & Integration, Park Operations, Lodging, and Operations Systems Integration.

Today, he’s a Board Advisor to the University of Missouri in their school of Hospitality Management. Mark Rucker lives in beautiful Golden, Colorado, with his wife, Stephanie. When he’s not consulting, you can find him babysitting his first granddaughter, serving in his community, writing his next book, hiking, and snow-skiing in the Colorado Rockies.

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