EDI Is the New Black

Joann Wortham

Want to leap ahead of your competition with a fast, creative team that brings the next big thing to market first, every time? Start by eradicating the implicit EDI-related biases that make it impossible for trust and cohesion to thrive.

Diverse teams foster innovation at a much faster rate than their competitors. That’s a proven fact. If you want to know how to build these teams and move your organization’s culture barometer toward a welcoming, diverse, innovative workforce, EDI Is the New Black is your roadmap to success.

Right now, there’s a sweeping reckoning of equity, diversity, and inclusion occurring at the highest levels within both government and private industry. Don’t struggle to make meaningful change or handle resistance and backlash.

Keep your organization in the black. Use this easy-to-read, straight-talk playbook to create a work environment that fosters equitable, inclusive operations—increasing employee engagement and bolstering the organization’s mission, values, and bottom line.

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Paul D'Aquila Esq., UCLA Director of Litigation

This is what you need today to set your organization up for success tomorrow. Any industry! Any leader! Anybody who wants to mitigate loss and be at the forefront of innovation—you've found your resource.

Dr. Lisa Marie Jones, DBH, MEd, HS-BCP, ACC, Health Equity and Cultural Diversity Consultant

Wortham's extensively researched recommendations are complemented by her EDI Diary entries that bring context to the wealth of statistical and historical data points. This book is a timely, practical, and surprisingly easy read for a topic that many struggle to understand and few tap into the benefits of. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are an investment in the future, and Wortham leads the way.

Joann Wortham is a seasoned international thought leader who uses insight from lived experiences along with her background in education, healthcare, business, and risk management to create novel approaches to today’s most critical workplace concerns. With over twenty years of experience, as well as a Master of Science in nursing education and a Juris Doctorate, Ms. Wortham has presented and consulted for such prestigious groups as the Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Yale Health. She was also a consultant and contributor for the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) Human Capital Playbook. Learn more at edicandor.com.

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