Handle the Horrible

Chasta Hamilton

Chaos, crisis, and change are recurring themes in life. You might fear the chaos, operate in constant crisis, or resist change. But that is an exhausting way to live. So how do you find resilience and gratitude through the turmoil of life?

Despite living through familial loss, a near-collapse of her business, and other daunting hardships, Chasta Hamilton learned to lean on her love of performing arts to cultivate a contagious attitude of optimism and adaptability. This allowed her to rock her roles as a businesswoman, mother, and thought leader in the performing arts industries. In Handle the Horrible: Change. Triage. Joy.,Hamilton shares insights that will help you develop confidence to tackle your daily endeavors, as well as the harder moments life throws your way.

Hamilton’s journey illustrates the power of allowing art to provide clarity in your darkest moments. Whether you are an arts-lover or not, her story offers you the chance to learn to focus on the beauty, temperance, and seasonality of life, knowing that “this too shall pass.”

Chasta Hamilton is an entrepreneur who believes everyone has the power to reach their fullest potential and disrupt the status quo in an empowering way. She personally accomplishes that through her entrepreneurial endeavors, writing, and motivational speaking, which has earned her the unofficial title “the Queen of Pivots.”

She is the Founder and CEO of Stage Door Dance Productions and Founder and President of the nonprofit Girls Geared For Greatness.

This is the follow-up to her first book, Amazon bestseller Trash The Trophies: How to Win Without Losing Your Soul, and an extension of her TEDx Talk “You Weren’t Built to Break.”

Chasta shares her home in Raleigh with the love of her life, John, their son, Bash, and their Scottish Terrier, Elvis.

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