Solved in 7

Jim Sholler

We all have an inexhaustible supply of problems. Whether at work or at home, it’s only a matter of time before the next one is rudely thrust upon us.

Now, solve every problem with Jim Sholler’s Solved in 7

In this groundbreaking handbook to life, Sholler starts by identifying the four ineffective, risky behaviors that cause companies to bleed money, thousands of patients to die each year from misdiagnosis, and personal problems to linger without resolution.

Then, he offers a simple framework to replace these mistakes with a clear path to solve any problem FAST, from professional challenges to personal crises. Solved in 7 was put to the ultimate test when Sholler used it to determine the source of an extremely rare bleeding disorder—in just 7 minutes—after the best doctors in Boston failed to do so for thirteen years.

Jim Sholler is known as “The Fixer” for a reason.
With Solved in 7, you will be too.

Press & Praise

Pamela Norley, President, Fidelity Charitable

After Jim demonstrated the benefits of his framework, we asked him to tackle some of our biggest service and operations problems. The framework produced results immediately. Problems that were either unresolved or languishing due to workarounds were identified and eliminated. Training additional resources on the seven-step framework also positioned them to be efficient, effective, problem-resolution leaders. Solved in 7 presents this framework in a straightforward manner that will surely benefit those who embrace it.

Mike Bull, Head of Capture Services, Fidelity Investments

In our fast-paced world, ineffective problem-solving is painful and all too common. Jim's innovative approach of using collaboration and leadership to solve problems quickly was a key success factor for our transformation initiatives. Solved in 7 clearly articulates his framework and provides compelling examples to visualize the approach. Solved in 7 works. It's that simple.

Sue Pellechio, Operating Executive, Blue Triton Brands

Time is precious and you don't get it back. Solved in 7 is a take-charge, fact-driven, universal approach that will change your life. Whether you are facing the consequences of an uncertain illness, medically advocating on behalf of someone you love, or have big challenges to conquer at work, using the Solved in 7 methodology will get you there faster. Jim Sholler has beautifully synthesized both his passion for and mastery of deconstructing complexity to give us this powerful tool.

Jim Sholler is the founder of Solved In 7, a company that offers problem-resolution services for any obstacle, no matter how intractable it might seem. Prior to founding Solved In 7, Jim worked for Fidelity Investments for twenty-seven years across many disciplines, including computer operations, software delivery, service management, and, of course, the help desk.

Jim’s brand as “The Fixer” was built on his lifelong commitment to disciplined problem-solving. A graduate of the Columbia University School of Engineering and the NYU Stern School of Business, Jim lives in North Carolina with his wife, Kim. Connect with him at

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