Epic Life

Justin Breen

Justin Breen considers himself a results guy; he’s great at making things happen, but not so great at generating awesome ideas. But that hasn’t stopped him from creating an epic business and life!

What Breen lacks in idea generation, he makes up for in his ability to recognize when an amazing idea is presented to him. The concepts that rule his life and success evolved from conversations with innovators.

Learn the thirty transformational ideas Breen has gathered from some of the world’s top business leaders. Each idea’s chapter concludes with simplified takeaways to help you think and take action to incorporate them into your own business and life.

The author of international bestseller Epic Business is back with Epic Life. This sequel details how the ideas within led Breen to create and build two successful global companies—all while spending more time with his friends and family.

Start your journey to creating your epic life today!

Press & Praise

Babs Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Strategic Coach®

I am so inspired by the stories Justin shares in this book and the insights and wisdom he provides. He opens a window into how to create a great life, both personally and professionally, and gets right to the point. Justin has been a blazingly fast adopter of Strategic Coach® practices and is an incredible connector who makes amazing things happen. I loved this book, and I encourage every entrepreneur to read it.

Russ Alan Prince, Executive Director of Private Wealth Magazine

Justin is a brilliant visionary and an expert at connecting leading entrepreneurs to the resources they need to create exceptional global companies. Any entrepreneur who wants to make a significant difference as well as lead a fulfilling and meaningful life must read this book.

Alan Olsen, host of American Dreams, Managing Partner of GROCO CPAs and Family Office Advisors, philanthropist

Justin Breen has high energy and a love for life. He possesses a solid foundation centered on family. This book contains keen insights on living a complete life.

Justin Breen is the Founder and CEO of global PR firm BrEpic Communications and exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network. His first book, Epic Business, was a bestseller in six countries and No. 1 for Entrepreneurship in the US.

Breen started BrEpic Communications in 2017 and launched BrEpic Network in 2022. He has built an international network of extraordinary people and believes strongly in the power of introductions and creating important relationships.

Breen is an active member of Strategic Coach 10x Ambition Program and Abundance 360 Summit, and he mentors countless emerging entrepreneurs.

He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, Dr. Sarah Breen; their epic sons, Jake and Chase; and their dogs, Dr. Pepper and Toffee Kisses.

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