When Your Mind Screams

Christopher Glatis

Anxiety has left you scared, confused, and frustrated. Though you’ve read books, blog posts, and articles, nothing’s helped. Maybe you’ve lost hope. Maybe you’ve flashed the world two middle fingers and said, “Nope, I’m done.”

In When Your Mind Screams, filmmaker and lifelong personal growth enthusiast Christopher Glatis explores anxiety from the lens of a creative, demonstrating how anxiety makes us feel fearful and stressed in an effort to help, though it’s actually doing anything but. In fact, the instinct to run from anxiety’s uncomfortable sensations does more harm than good. Glatis explains how reworking your response to anxiety—not fighting it—is the key to recovery.

In this unique and entertaining book, Glatis offers a solid plan that enables you to embrace anxiety and, in turn, minimize its maddening impact. Glatis’ refreshing, practical advice and tools will show you how to reforge your relationship with anxiety, find relief, and take your life back.

Press & Praise

Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of The War Of Art and Gates Of Fire

Anxiety is resistance. Plain and simple. Christopher Glatis's book will not coddle you. If you truly want to face your demons head on, it will show you how to make anxiety your ally.

Julie Brown Yau, PHD, developmental trauma therapist and author of The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma

Christopher has turned the microscope on himself and shared his own intimate story, revealing his discoveries through straightforward advice, meditations, and steps that will help you ease anxieties and find more joy.

Christopher Glatis is a filmmaker and lifelong seeker who was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder soon after entering college. Motivated to overcome what he initially saw as a weakness, Glatis devoted himself to learning how humans heal. He’s tried it all, from silent meditations on mountaintops to Native American sweat lodges, psychotherapy, men’s groups, yogis, trauma work, and creative projects that explore characters who, despite deep, psycho-spiritual struggles, are ultimately redeemed. By sharing his own journey in When Your Mind Screams, Glatis demonstrates how what was once his greatest weakness is now his greatest teacher.

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