You End Up Where You’re Heading: The Hidden Dangers of Living a Safe Life

Jimmy Rex & Cameron Carling

You settled for the first job that came along, the okay apartment, and the steady, but unfulfilling partner. You thought you were playing it safe.

But with each passing day, the simmering frustration with your mediocre choices feels like it might swallow you whole. You’re not growing, not creating, not moving. The person you want to be is gasping for air, but you don’t know how to breathe life into them. The “safe” path is slowly killing you.

In You End up Where You’re HeadingJimmy Rex and Cameron Carling pull back the curtain on the easy, inauthentic life you’ve been sold and give you tools to seek your unmet potential. You’ll learn how to shift your mindset from a stuck Settler to a curious Explorer, push through when the road gets rough, and exponentially expand your rewards.

Anything is possible in life. But everything lies on the other side of fear.

Press & Praise

Prince EA, film creator with billions of views throughout social media

"We live in a world where taking the safe path is one of the most dangerous choices. In this book, Jimmy gives practical knowledge and actionable steps to go beyond the limitations of 'playing is safe' and live your life to the highest extent.

Trevor Milton, founder of Nikola Motor

"The subtitle of this book, The Hidden Dangers of Living a Safe Life, couldn't ring more true in these times. If you look back throughout the history of civilization and find the most significant achievements and life-altering events of our world, you will see that it was when individuals stepped out of their comfort zone and decided to take a more dangerous approach. This book does a great job illustrating the power that comes after you choose the more critical and difficult paths in life."

Tucker Max 4x New York Times bestselling author

"Playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do. This book shows you exactly how to stop playing it safe and start living your life to the fullest."

Jimmy Rex has been a top-producing real estate agent for the past fifteen years. Most widely-known for his real estate coaching company, 100K Agent Blueprint, Jimmy is also a mentor, speaker, coach, angel investor, and host of The Jimmy Rex Show. Through the Child Liberation Foundation and Operation Underground Railroad, Jimmy has helped rescue more than 100 children from sex traffickers. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and recently visited his 60th country Tanzania, where he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with the charity organization Waterboys.

Cameron Carling earned his BA in communication studies from UCLA, and is currently an operations manager for Google’s IT department. Here he’s spent more than a decade leading technical support and user experience teams and co-developing an industry-leading IT training program.

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