Wealth Your Way

Cosmo DeStefano

Journey through your Life’s Complete Financial Arc with Wealth Your Way. Accumulate wealth, achieve the pinnacle of financial independence, and then comfortably spend your wealth as you retire on your own terms.

Financial independence buys you the most valuable asset on the planet—freedom. The freedom to spend your money, and more importantly, your time, however you see fit.

Still, reaching financial independence requires more than mere investing. Unlike other books that try to tell you what to think, Wealth Your Way teaches you how to think about growing your wealth, with real-life examples of the pitfalls you might encounter and strategies to avoid them.

As with most things in life, the more carefully you plan for financial independence, making course corrections along the way, the less you’ll need to worry about the outcome. Live your best life today with the satisfaction and comfort of knowing your financial future is in good hands—your own.

Press & Praise

Alex Wieckowski, blogger, author, Learn to Love Reading

What can a CPA with 30+ years of investing experience teach us? A LOT.

Goodreads reviewer

A spirited, informative, and very readable guide to strengthening your financial life. A roadmap for taking control of your personal finances. DeStefano writes with energy and clarity. I find his ideas and thought process refreshingly useful.

Readers' Favorite

The author inspires his readers...Anyone who cares about their financial future—regardless of how much they may or may not know about finances at present—will benefit from this book.

Cosmo P. DeStefano is a retired CPA and tax partner who worked for over three decades in one of the largest professional services firms in the world, with a global network of more than 284,000 people across 155 countries. He has consulted with clients big and small, public and private, across a wide variety of industries, helping them solve intricately complex business and financial issues. Today, Cosmo and his wife live in the suburbs of Boston, enjoying financial independence and a secure retirement. He wrote Wealth Your Way to help the next generation of investors know that same joy.

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