The Locker Room: The Secret to Creating a Healthy, Happy Relationship

Jen Arricale

We’ve all been in relationships that started strong but have fizzled out, or stuck with someone we knew wasn’t right for us for fear of being alone. You might be there right now, or perhaps you’re between relationships and wondering where all the good ones have gone. Jen Arricale spent years struggling with that disconnect between what she had and what she wanted. Everything changed when she embraced this truth:

By improving yourself, you will improve your relationships.

The Locker Room strips away the complexity to reveal the few vital things you need to focus on in order to have meaningful relationships. Through relatable, real-life stories, Jen will empower you to take care of yourself, re-establish your own identity, and practice healthy communication. Using the practical techniques Jen provides, you’ll better understand yourself and what you need from the people in your life. Fulfilling, healthy relationships and true connection are possible—this book helps you find both.

Jen Arricale

Jen Arricale is a healthy living expert who coaches entrepreneurs and executives to achieve greater success by focusing on their wellbeing. As a coach with CEO Coaching International, Jen facilitates “”Healthy Business, Healthy Life”” workshops around the world. Jen knows what it’s like to struggle in relationships. She took the time to work on herself, and today she’s married to the love of her life. Jen is accomplished in business–with twenty years of experience as a financial executive–and in athletic pursuits, having won bronze for the US in the Ms. Natural Olympia competition.

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