The Fortune Recipe

Bernie Stoltz

Is there really a recipe for success and happiness?

Bernie Stoltz has been leading companies and advising top business executives for more than four decades. The Fortune Recipe draws on the full wealth of that experience, giving you all the tools you need to create a rich, fulfilling life.

No matter what goals you’re pursuing, both personally and professionally, there is a proven formula to get there. The Fortune Recipe will help you make your own unique life the best it can be, laying out the essential life lessons, strategies, and effective behaviors that have proven effective in one life after another, from young entrepreneurs to seasoned CEOs.

Within these pages, Bernie’s own successes and failures, his businesses and relationships, and his years of coaching leaders and executives from every walk of life are all distilled into a practical path anyone can follow to create a richly rewarding career and life.

Press & Praise

Mark Murphy, Founder and CEO, Northeast Sequoia Private Client Group

For over thirty years, Bernie Stoltz has transformed the lives of everyone he's touched. He makes the impossible not only possible but probable. The Fortune Recipe is your guide for cooking up true success.

Lisa DeMayo, professional coach, international speaker, top-level network marketer, and entrepreneur

Bernie's riveting perspective on fulfillment and success is awe-inspiring! The knowledge and strategies shared in The Fortune Recipe are extremely valuable for all in pursuit of a fruitful life.

William Barrett, CEO, Mandelbaum Salzburg

It's impossible to count the number of lives Bernie has positively transformed. Whether you're striving for personal growth, business success, or a greater appreciation for what's important in life, the tools Bernie provides are the sharpest in the shed.

Bernie Stoltz is the CEO of Fortune Management, the largest dentist consulting firm in the US-a company he has led for over twenty-five years. Over the course of his career, he has launched seven different businesses and coached hundreds of businesspeople to much higher success. A renowned speaker, he is known for his humor, insight, and dynamic personality. When he isn’t driving businesses toward higher levels of fortune and success or helping his clients live richly fulfilling lives, Bernie can be found avidly golfing or enthusiastically traveling the world with his family and friends. —This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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