Tap the Big Idea

Josh Goodman

Buckle up and get ready for a raw, unfiltered ride as Josh Goodman goes from being a guy who couldn’t get a drink in a busy bar to building a multimillion-dollar technology company that lets guests pour their own beer, wine, and cocktails and pay by the ounce.

Travel with Goodman to Ireland, where he spent a week driving around the entire country to secure his first business partners—who eventually tried to put him out of business. Then, visit northern Austria and discover how he landed the deal that brought his business back to life.

With the wisdom of experience and the entertainment of his most desperate hours—like when he shaved his head, intending to become a professional fighter to literally fight his way out of debt—Goodman tells a story of entrepreneurism like no other. With Tap the Big Idea, you’ll laugh almost as much as you’ll learn about building a business.

Press & Praise

John Ruhlin, founder, advisor, and bestselling author of Gift-ology

Josh's entrepreneurial journey is an interesting one that I'm sure anyone who reads will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed seeing it happen in real-time. More important than the entertaining stories are the lessons that we all learn on our own journeys and the ones you'll learn in this book.

Robert Glazer, New York Times bestselling author of Friday Forward and CEO of Acceleration Partners

When I create content, I do it in the hopes that it's helpful to the people reading it. One of the other benefits is the people you get to meet through the creation of that content. While I originally met Josh through an entrepreneur conference we were both invited to called Mastermind Talks, we reconnected through the Friday Forward newsletter. It's been great to see him implement some of the strategies and tools we use at our company and get positive feedback from him on its implementation at his company.

Steve D. Sims, Real Life Wizard of Oz, Sims Media, and author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen

In my line of work, I get to work directly with some of the Worlds most recognized entrepreneurs, entertainers, and creators like Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Sir Elton John, and Jay Abraham. The common thread in all of them is they took risks and sought to create something that didn't exist before. I worked with Josh as a coach/advisor during the early days as well as some private events for entrepreneurs that I host by invite only. It's great to see that the risks he's taken are paying off, and I know he's just getting started.

Josh Goodman is the Founder & CEO of PourMyBeer, the world’s leading self-pour technology company. Named among Forbes Next 1000 CEOs to Watch, he has been profiled on Bloomberg, Cheddar, Thrive Global, Fox News, CNN, and CNBC’s On the Money.

In 2014, the company was over $100,000 in debt with one employee (him). Six years later, the venture had sold and installed over 8,000 self-pour taps in twenty-three countries and had been listed in Inc‘s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. In September of 2020, Goodman sold 25 percent of PourMyBeer to Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.

Goodman now lives in the Philadelphia suburbs, where he and his wife are raising their two kids and a golden doodle.

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