Opting in to Optimization

Jon MacDonald

With the explosion of direct-to-consumer online retailers, things have been heating up in the e-commerce industry. The differentiators of yesterday have become table stakes for modern brands—those that want to defend their position or gain market share will need to level up from foundational practices to advanced tactics.

Opting in to Optimization provides a collection of principles that, when applied in a disciplined manner, has proven to help e-commerce leaders capitalize on unprecedented market demand and build sustainable, thriving businesses.

Author R. Jon MacDonald has more than a decade of experience helping globally recognized brands like Nike, Xerox, Adobe, and The Economist design highly effective online purchasing experiences. In this book, he condenses all of that knowledge into a handful of powerful strategies and principles that will accelerate growth without compromising customer experience.

Brief enough to review in a week, but impactful enough to last a lifetime, this book is a must-read for anyone in a leadership position at an ambitious online retailer.

Press & Praise

Web Smith, Founder of 2PM.inc

Imagine a funnel. Conversion Rate Optimization is like widening the bottom so more of your visitors become paying advocates. Jon does a superb job explaining the applied science of eCommerce optimization. This is one of those practical studies that I wish I'd published at 2PM.inc! I soaked it up.

Val Geisler, Customer Evangelist at Klaviyo

You can't open your browser without seeing a best practices listicle or Twitter thread about 'guaranteed wins.' This book, thankfully, is not more of that. Opting In To Optimization is unlike anything else out there. Jon has a unique gift for sharing what truly works—based on his real-world experience helping multi-million dollar brands scale—while telling stories that help new concepts feel like familiar friends. Trust me, you want to read this book before your competitors do.

Alan Wizemann, Chief Product Officer at Goop

Jon effectively demystifies and maps out approaches that have taken years to understand and adopt across ecommerce teams for any size company. If you were going to get the best ecommerce product leaders in a room and have them break down the years of experience they have had, it would be this book.

R. Jon MacDonald is the founder of The Good, a conversion-rate optimization firm that has achieved notable results for some of the largest online brands including Adobe, Nike, Xerox, The Economist, and more. He regularly contributes content on conversion optimization to publications like Entrepreneur and IncHe knows how to get visitors to take action.

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