My Cody

Jackie Eubanks

Even as you walk through your lowest valley, you are not alone.

This is the message of My Cody: His Cancer, Our Faith & God’s Love. Jackie and Cody had only been married a year when they got the diagnosis. Their businesses were looking up. They were trying to start a family. Life was going well for this happy couple. And then they found out Cody had cancer.

A few days before receiving the official diagnosis, Jackie felt called to pray. Kneeling over her sleeping husband, she called to God over and over, “Lord … Lord … Lord …” As she wept, Cody opened his eyes and said, clear as day, “I hear you.” The next morning, he had no memory of the event, but they knew God was with them.

As Cody moved closer to heaven, their faith grew ever stronger—their faith, and the message they felt in their hearts: No matter what challenges you face, you will find your refuge in the Lord.

Jackie was born in the fall of 1996 in Mobile, Alabama, where she was soon adopted and raised in the small town of Monroeville. She moved to Kentucky in her early teens and was headed toward college in pursuit of a track and field dream when an ankle injury forced her to change course.

After high school, Jackie was approached by several modeling agencies, leading to a career that spanned Nashville, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. But all she really wanted was to move back home to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to pursue her real estate business and start a family with her beloved Cody.

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