Leading in Chaos

James Largent

A social climate pervaded by culture wars, tribalism, and identity politics has put school leaders under fire from radicals on both sides of the political spectrum—as well as legislators, parents, and other individuals who no longer respect the very difficult job of educators.

In Leading in ChaosDr. Jim Largent draws from his twenty-one years as a superintendent to offer guidance on issues faced by education leaders today. His approach includes a blueprint for obtaining your desired job—with a focus on leadership roles in public education—and the transition steps needed to set yourself up for success.

Leading in Chaos presents concepts and anecdotes to show you how to work with a variety of people, from bus drivers to board members to irate parents. Additionally, it provides a series of strategies that take leadership back to the bare bones of what actually works; the most effective leadership methods stick to common-sense and time-tested principles.

Press & Praise

Kevin Brown, Executive Director, Texas Association of School Administrators, former superintendent

School leaders are in the crosshairs of a divided nation, holding our communities together during the most challenging period of our lifetimes. Dr. Largent gives practical tips, guidance, and, yes, even hope for those of us who are committed to serving our nation's children and, ultimately, our future. No message could be more timely, practical, or important than this.

Dr. Latonya Goffney, Texas Superintendent of the Year 2017, superintendent, Aldine ISD, President-Elect, Texas Association of School Administrators

I have known Dr. Largent since I was a high school student and he was my high school assistant principal. I have always been inspired by his leadership. In his book, Leading in Chaos, he provides guidance and wise counsel to those interested in becoming school leaders. I highly recommend that all aspiring leaders read this book for the encouragement they will need for the challenges they will face.

Dr. John Kuhn, author, superintendent, Mineral Wells ISD

My friend and fellow superintendent of schools, Dr. Jim Largent has written an invaluable guide for current and aspiring school leaders who want to better find their way—and understand their obligations—in today's divided political climate. Dr. Largent has a down-to-earth style and the kind of pragmatic, accessible wisdom that can only come from years of experience doing the very thing he writes about. Dr. Largent does us all a service by laying out a clear, understandable, and proven roadmap to help educational leaders navigate their teams through the chaos around them. The world's crazy, but school leaders don't have to be. Leading in Chaos is an invaluable tool for keeping your cool as you lead your school. Highly recommended.

Dr. James Michael (Jim) Largent graduated high school in 1983, after which he attended Lamar University and Sam Houston State University. He spent thirty-one years working in several public education roles, including teacher, coach, athletic trainer, principal, and superintendent.

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