How Music Grows Brands

Joe Belliotti and Rebecca Jolly

Music is a motivator, a respite, a provocateur. When used strategically in business, it creates culture and connects brand with consumer. In How Music Grows Brands, branding experts and music industry executives Joe Belliotti and Rebecca Jolly provide an insider’s guide to utilizing music as your most powerful branding asset. They introduce Brand dB, their proprietary methodology, reveal the secrets of the industry, and provide a roadmap for long-term success.

The first resource of its kind, How Music Grows Brands is an empowering exploration of the power—and potential—music has to shape culture, drive business and grow brands.

Joe Belliotti is an industry-recognized leader at the intersection of music, brands, and technology. As the Head of Global Music at the Coca-Cola Company, Joe created globally-renowned campaigns for the company’s portfolio of brands around the Olympic Games and Product (RED). He has been named multiple times on the Billboard Power List and in the Billboard Branding Power Players report. His work is frequently featured in the media, including Forbes, The Economist, Ad Age, and CNN.

Rebecca Jolly is a global business consultant focused on innovative brand solutions for start-ups and international enterprises across the music, publishing, and entertainment industries. She is currently Managing Director at a media network in the UK, and her work has been featured in Billboard, Entrepreneur, and Music Week. Rebecca speaks regularly on industry panels, including Cannes Lions and SXSW, and has also featured as a guest lecturer at NYU.

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