Ending Pain

Chuck Duff

Doctors and therapists erroneously view pain as the result of injury or disease. Renowned bodywork teacher and pain therapist Chuck Duff discovered that the ineffectiveness of these beliefs stems from a failure to understand the true origins of pain. His Coaching The Body® system recognizes that pain originates in the brain as a response to danger signals from trigger points that feed the brain’s innate protective instinct.

CTB interrupts these peripheral danger signals using highly effective manual therapy techniques to remove trigger points. These techniques exploit the brain’s neuroplasticity by providing an experience of pain-free movement. Chuck has taught thousands of manual therapists how to dramatically improve their success rates with even difficult pain cases. After decades of teaching, Ending Pain makes his revolutionary approach available to a wider audience. It also applies CTB principles to self-care and movement-based therapies such as yoga and corrective exercise.

Chuck Duff is a Renaissance man who loves challenging the status quo. He studied Buddhism and psychology at University of Chicago, then moved to a career in software research and innovation. He is a serious guitarist and a trained chef. His daughter is a talented dancer and photographer. His own back pain led him to research pain science and develop CTB, a novel integration of Thai bodywork and trigger point therapy. He taught at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and founded the Coaching The Body Institute in 2001. He remains pain free by practicing what he preaches. More at coachingthebody.com.

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