Disruptive Successor: A Guide for Driving Growth in Your Family Business

Jonathan Goldhill

According to Deloitte, the next generation of family business leaders intend to make changes when they take over:

80% say their leadership style will be different compared to the previous generation

76% say innovation will be one of their top priorities

56% will change the family company’s strategy and corporate governance

51% intend to take more risks than their predecessors, but in a more controlled way

Yet, despite the fact that 70% of family business owners want to pass their business on to the next generation, research suggests only 3% will operate beyond the fourth generation.

The miniscule chances of long-term success are largely due to the issues unique to family businesses, which are often wrapped in a tightly woven knot of unspoken plans.

In Disruptive Successor, business coach Jonathan Goldhill offers a proven framework and playbook for unwinding this knot, scaling up your business, or planning your exit.

Press & Praise

Verne Harnish, Founder of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

"With 40 percent of family business owners expecting to retire, and many in the next five years, having a coach and a playbook to guide you through the succession is vital. Disruptive Successor gives you the playbook and the coach together."

John Jantsch, best-selling author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

"At some point, every business owner begins to think about their legacy; for a family business owner, it may be the main reason to get up every morning. Don't waste another minute--invest in your family business--read this book."

Jim Muehlhausen, author of The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them, Business Models for Dummies, and Half Retire: Keep Your Business, Ditch the Stress

"Jonathan Goldhill has used his extensive business experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and coach to create the 'how to' manual for family business. As a family business survivor myself, I concur with Goldhill's message and appreciate the many action steps suggested in the book to help cement the valuable knowledge."

Jonathan Goldhill is a master coach and business strategist who specializes in guiding entrepreneurs and family business owners to scale up or exit their business. Jonathan left New York for California at age 20 after his family’s large, privately-held men’s apparel manufacturing company–started by his great-grandfather–sold to a conglomerate in its third generation of family ownership. Within ten years, Jonathan had established himself as the go-to expert for entrepreneurs looking to find their version of freedom. Today, Jonathan brings thirty years of experience to his work coaching, consulting, training, financing, and guiding entrepreneurial and family businesses.

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