Consequences and Compassion

LaDonna Claude

Driving while impaired lights a match and threatens to set your life on fire. The legal, financial, and physical consequences of a DWI leave many people struggling to put out that fire.

In Consequences and Compassion: Lessons from the Frontlines of Drunk, Drugged, and Distracted DrivingLaDonna Claude shares real stories about people with DWIs.The consequences of a DWI have legal and emotional impacts that most people neglect to understand. As an instructor at Funny Bone Defensive Driving, she has frequently met people at their low points. No matter their driving offense, LaDonna acts as an instructor, motivational speaker, and counselor to students struggling with their post-DWI lives.

Consequences and Compassion is a careful examination of all the reasons to not light a DWI match in your life. LaDonna’s insights from years of teaching defensive driving will not only shed light on the dangers of driving while impaired, but inspire you to embrace responsibility in your own life.

Press & Praise

Chip Evans, Texas attorney

I have known LaDonna a long time and she has proven to be a smart, insightful, and complete resource for all things driving related. This book is a great aid to all drivers, new and old, who want to become safer and better citizens of the road.

Police Chief Allen Banks, Round Rock, Texas

It's LaDonna's mission to educate and promote citizens on driving safety. She is a true advocate of building relationships between the public and law enforcement to keep everyone safe on the road. As a police chief, this book is a tool for making us all better and safer drivers.

Judge Edna Staudt, Williamson County, Texas

A helpful book for those who like to live on the edge, or maybe find themselves there. The judicial system is complex, but in everyday language, the author describes what to expect and how to respond to criminal charges. LaDonna has put into one's hand a manual for living safe and free from the consequences of unintentional criminal activity. Her heart's desire to help others is reflected throughout.

LaDonna Claude is a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of four.

She is a certified defensive driving instructor with years of experience at Funny Bone Defensive Driving. She has helped countless students put their lives back together after their DWI. LaDonna is also a public speaker educating people on the dangers of the three D’s of DWIs: driving, drugs, and distraction.

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