Your Multimillion-Dollar Exit

Wayne Zell


This easy-to-follow planner is designed to help entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for exiting their businesses on their terms.

With this fast-paced guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Anticipate and minimize risk of unexpected exits (such as death, disability, or sudden losses)
  • Identify and navigate rough patches to successfully exit your business
  • Assemble a superior team to maximize your exit strategy
  • Understand what buyers and investors want and what they fear most.
  • Save thousands (if not millions) of dollars through advantageous tax planning techniques
  • Uncover the legal and business secrets lawyers and investment bankers use to gain the upper hand in negotiations and drafting transaction documents

Using real-world examples, checklists, and actionable advice, this book is about selling smart and achieving maximum value for the time and effort you’ve put into your company.

Press & Praise

David Eisner, entrepreneur, Former CEO and Founder of Dataprise, Inc.

I had a small, tight-knit group of managers that were with me for most, if not all, the journey, over 25 years, and one partner who was with me almost from the beginning. He and I were the yin and yang managing the business, where I focused primarily on strategy, financial aspects, and technical aspects, and he focused on sales and human resources.

Phil Nolan, Former CEO, Stanley, Inc.

Too often, I find business owners who don't begin thinking about the consequences of selling their business until they are ready to exit. As Wayne illustrates in this book, that is extremely late in the game and puts the owner at a handicap trying to deal with structures and considerations that could've been codified years earlier while at the same time trying to be responsive to the pressures of transaction deadlines. Given Wayne's extensive experience, you should read Your Multimillion-Dollar Exit. It will provide you with the means to design a successful business exit that will greatly relieve your stress when that day comes.

Arnold Punaro, Major General, USMC (Ret.), and CEO, The Punaro Group

Wayne Zell's newest book is a must read for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to be much more financially successful. I have known and worked with Wayne on financial matters for years and know firsthand that he is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at what he does, with proven results. Entrepreneurs who care about their financial future should pick up this book without hesitation and follow his expert advice.

Wayne M. Zell, JD, CPA, has been advising clients for over 35 years on business succession planning. He’s the architect behind hundreds of transactions that have saved his clients millions of dollars.

Working with thousands of founders, Wayne has created a unique process for taking his clients from entrepreneur to multimillion-dollar exit. Even under the most daunting circumstances.

An active speaker and writer, he’s recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America®. His clients include a wide range of entrepreneurs, institutions, high-net-worth individuals, technology companies, real estate developers, government contractors, and nonprofits.

Today, Wayne uses his expertise and experience to help entrepreneurs successfully architect the best exit from their businesses.

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